Online Fitness Coaching

What is Online Fitness Coaching?

Online fitness coaching is exactly what it says on the tin… An online coaching and support plan tailored to your individual objectives.  Online coaching is an excellent way of achieving results for those who are not able to commit to regular one-on-one training sessions in a gym with a personal trainer.

How Does Online Fitness Coaching Work?

I specialise in online fitness coaching, and will put together a training programme and nutrition plan for you to follow along with our online guidance and support… All you need to achieve results is your 100% commitment and accountability, along with a means of online communication with me – you don’t even need to be in the same country!

I have online clients in a variety of countries around the globe, click here to hear from some of these.

What’s Involved?

As part of an online coaching programme with Phil James, I will undertake the following:

  • Provide you with a comprehensive and easy to understand “Manual to a fitter YOU– An introduction to flexible dieting
  • Establish and continuously adjust your specific flexible dieting caloric and macronutrient needs
  • Assist you with simple meal planning based on personal food preferences providing a guideline on how to reach your daily nutritional goals
  • Share a recommended grocery shopping list of high protein, low calorie “power foods” and regular sample recipes
  • Design an easy to follow weight training and cardio regimen tailored to your objectives
  • Be available over phone / skype / email / WhatsApp etc whenever guidance is needed
  • Give you feedback/correction on your exercise form via videos
  • Take care of reverse dieting once your goal conditioning is achieved to prevent the “yo-yo” effect associated with regular diet plans

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To book a free consultation to discuss your personal fitness goals, call Phil James on +971 56 814 4044 or enquire online.

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