Richard Davis

Online Coaching Programme and Flexible Dieting Plan

“I worked with Phil on and off for 6 months.  He guided me through the start up of how to use Macros and the IIFYM theory.  My goal initially was to just lose weight.  Knowing Phil from a previous life when he lived in Manchester I saw some photos of his own personal transformation and asked him for some guidance.  Phil put together an online training programme focusing mainly on cardio with a mixture of weight based exercises.  He then got me to focus on what I was eating and drinking.  The transformation was almost instantaneous. Within the first 6 weeks I was watching the kilos fall, but I was also doing a regular photo diary. It was here where I really started to see the difference.  I suffered a few set backs, from sprained ankles, to cracked ribs (all done in recreational time) to breaking my wrist at work and suffering a major set back in my training.  However, with Phil’s guidance and advice I always managed to work through these set backs and came out stronger.  One thing I was prepared for was the cost of a whole new wardrobe!!”

Email to Phil:

“Hi pal, thought I’d share this with you. I know we’ve not been working together for a while since I broke my wrist, but today is exactly a year since I started my weight loss campaign.

In that year, I’ve suffered two badly sprained ankles (none through training, both from silly accidents), two cracked ribs (from messing about on my son’s bike) and then a broken wrist that was plated and put me out of action for 3 months.

In that time you helped me get an understanding of IIFYM and it’s a combination of macros and training that has helped me shed the pounds.

In all I’ve managed 6 months worth of gym time in the year but today’s progress photo plus my fairly epic beard have left me smiling.
Cheers pal, I hope to get back to working with you soon as possible… it’s where do I go next with this?!”

Richard Davis

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