Johnny’s 4 Week Progress

New client 4 weeks progress update!!!

I wanted to share with you my new client progress pictures. All this happened in just 4 weeks!
This is why I love what I do, helping guiding people towards achieving their dream body whilst still living a normal life.
Flexible dieting is king of any diet out there through my experience. Just look at Johnny’s results, after just 4 weeks.
He hasn’t fallen off the wagon once and this is due to having a good amount of flexibility when it comes to his nutrition. Johnny manages to still have date night with his wife on the weekends or a few beers and burger with his mates.

Johnny isn’t finished yet, his goal is to get into single digits on the fat body scales.
So if your struggling with your fitness goals, regardless of what they are; don’t hesitate to get in touch.
I’m offering some fantastic PT rates, so don’t miss out and get in touch asap, before all slots are taken!

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