Emma Stott Green

Post Natal Personal Training Programme and Flexible Dieting Plan

“I was introduced to Phil James by a friend who achieved amazing results through his online coaching plan. I was so impressed that I decided to start a post natal personal training plan with Phil five months after the birth of my third child.

I met Phil twice a week for one-on-one personal training sessions at the gym, which ran alongside his flexible dieting plan. I had never heard of counting macros and IIFYM before, but once I was up and running, the results were almost instant, I couldn’t believe it! The baby weight dropped steadily without me having to starve myself, cut out carbs or go without my comforts (namely the odd, medicinal glass of wine or G&T!) – he just worked my programme around my lifestyle and with careful monitoring, I soon got into the swing of flexible dieting.

I admit that initially it was a juggling act trying to fit exercising into my already manic lifestyle, but as soon as I could see the results, I was hooked! I began to thrive off the buzz of regular exercise and felt energised and less stressed.  Through flexible dieting, I found I wasn’t having the sugar highs and lows, and wasn’t craving coffee and chocolate to get me through the afternoons.  Interestingly, I noticed significant changes when I stopped temporarily for Christmas and now I can see how flexible dieting and regular exercise really is the key to staying healthy, both mentally and physically.

Initially, I started training with Phil with the sole intention of getting back into my pre-baby clothes, but I can honestly say that I feel in the best shape I have been in since the arrival of our first child 8 years ago. My short-term goal was to lose weight without losing my shape – I didn’t want to look ‘thin’, I wanted to look ‘fit’.

It’s easy as a busy Mom to find excuses not to work out, but by making the time for myself, I feel I am a better person all round, for all of us. By booking the one-on-one training sessions, I don’t feel I can let Phil down by cancelling; it makes me go, so for me, this has now become a new way of life. I now feel fit, strong and dare I say, lean!

I have a long way to go to acheive my long-term goals but thanks to Phil, I now have my confidence back and am able to brave wearing my jeans again!  I would recommend Phil James to anyone seeking to improve their fitness and physique, it will be the best money you will ever spend.”

Emma Stott Green




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