Jens’ 8 Week Transformation!

Jens’ 8-Week Transformation

Hi guys I would like to share with you another fantastic client of mine, Jens 8 weeks transformation pictures, also I would like to add that Jens had a 1 week vacation whilst on my 8 week program.

Here’s what Jen’s had to say about his journey with me. “Moving forward, I am planning to keep track of my food intake. I might not measure/weigh every single piece of food that I put into my mouth, but I will definitely ensure not to exaggerate the quantities. Also, I feel that my body has adjusted to smaller quantities of food. I honestly don’t think I can still eat as much as I used to do before starting the program. As mentioned over Whatsapp, I would be interested in another program that focuses on lean bulking.”

“Many thanks for the great advice! For me, the past 8 weeks have been a very insightful challenge and experience and I am happy I committed to something like this. Looking back at the first two weeks, I thought about quitting several times but in the end, I am happy that I persevered”

I offer a fantastic service and give all my clients 120% and as you can see from posts.

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