Alan Stott

Online Coaching Programme and Flexible Dieting Plan

“I began training with Phil James at Proximal Fitness 6 weeks ago and am seeing the most amazing results.  Phil is my daughter’s personal trainer in Dubai, and when I met him on a recent trip to visit her, he explained that he could help me to achieve my personal fitness goals through an online training programme which means I can benefit from his expertise in the UK!

I began online coaching and discovered that flexible dieting and IIFYM is a science and an art – Phil’s knowledge in this area is outstanding. I am approaching a big birthday in 2017 (70 years young) and as a firm believer that “age is not a right, it is a privilege” I feel that I owe it to myself and my family to stay young and fit.  Since starting with Phil, I have seen a dramatic improvement in an old footballing injury to my knee; the exercises he has given me have helped to strenghen this and I am seeing definition in my physique again which gives me a great deal of satisfaction!”

Alan Stott – May 2016


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