Online Coaching and Nutrition Planning

Hey guys my name is Ismael I live in Morocco, I’m 34 years old and I’ve been bodybuilding for over 20 years now. The truth is you never know how wrong you are until you meet someone who was absolutely right about how and why to do things.

I met Phil through an online conversation and after having contracted the services of several online coaches about online training both tailor made or pre-made. I discovered Phil’s technique and his method and is mostly about nutrition and I’ve got to say his flexible dieting is unbelievable. Phil helped me drop about 10% of body fat in no more than 8 weeks with a customised workout program.

Guess what? I hate cardio and so does he! To be honest I’ve never found dieting and working out to be this easy and to the point! I have got to say the guy is a magician! I would recommend Phil to absolutely anyone. Good luck!

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