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Phil James

Phil James

Managing Director

“I began my pursuit of a career in health and fitness after spending years working in the music industry as a DJ. The late nights and unhealthy lifestyle took their toll, and Phil had a wakeup call in 2008 when my health began to suffer. I decided to get healthy, get fit and get ripped, and consequently turned this passion into a livelihood which I now thrive on.

I have a number of qualifications in Personal Training, complimented by a ‘Nutrition and Weight Management Award’ awarded by REPs (The Register of Exercise Professionals) – an organisation recognised worldwide. My approach to flexible dieting, IIFYM and exercise has gained me a faithful following and the results speak volumes.”

Lauren James

Lauren James

Personal Fitness Lifestyle Coach

Lauren’s passion for the fitness industry and desire to practice what she preaches drove her to complete her Level 3 REPS Personal Training Certification. Lauren specialises in nutrition using a method called ‘Flexible Dieting’ – an effective, sustainable approach meaning her clients can maintain a sociable lifestyle, whilst still reaching their health and fitness goals. She also takes care of reverse dieting once her clients’ goal condition is achieved to prevent the ‘yo-yo’ effect, an effect that is all too common with regular diet plans!

Having competed in the LA WBFF competition, she placed in the TOP 5, a reflection on her understanding of physical demands that are required to undertake such a massive body composition change, and how best to manage them at extreme levels.

With specialism in supporting ladies pre and post natal, she encourages and empowers mothers to be, to nurture a happier and healthier pregnancy. Laurens comprehensive education has taught her to confidently assess clients at each stage of their journey and create an appropriate fitness programme ensuring clients recognise the benefits of exercise.

Lauren has also worked with a range of children from early years to teens. She has a passion in improving and maintaining childrens health and wellbeing. With more recent experience in structuring regular fitness programmes for individuals development, stimulating gross and fine Motor skills.

I started training with Lauren a year ago. I was looking for a female fitness trainer and I can easily say training with her has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. She’s very professional and knowledgeable and always looking to get the best out of you. Over the past year I’ve learnt different exercises, their techniques and benefits, the importance of nutrition and having a balanced diet to maintain a sustainable weight loss. I definitely recommend Lauren if you’re looking to achieve your fitness goals and want definite results.


Working Mum of 2

I’ve been training with Lauren for 5 months and I’ve loved every second of it. I’ve been doing online coaching with her as I’m in the UK and she’s in Dubai, I’ve loved my results so far. I did it to lose weight as I was feeling overweight and down. Now I feel like such a healthier and better person and it doesn’t even feel like I am. I can pretty much still eat the foods I enjoy as long as I can make it fit my calories. Lauren is such an amazing trainer and even with the time difference she is there 24/7 if you need her help!


Online Client

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